In collaboration with Pūtahi Manawa researchers, the OnE team empowers Maori and Pacific communities to recognise the significance of heart health and the research we do to improve heart health outcomes.

Working in the Community

We promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers and communities, facilitating engagement and building essential relationships. An example of our work with communities is the Heart2Heart event with Amananki STEM Academy students and families.


In April 2023 the OnE team hosted the Heart2Heart event with the Amanaki STEM Academy in Palmerston North. It included a morning session with heart related science activities for students and then an afternoon talanoa (discussion) with aiga (family) of the Amanaki students. 


Pacific students studying medicine and health at the University of Auckland joined our large volunteer team to help with the activities and talk about their experiences as students. Researchers from our flagship research projects, the Integrated Research Modules, also joined both sessions. At the talanoa the researchers heard from the Amanaki aiga and to learnt how to integrate aiga priorities, perspectives and worldviews into their research question development and plans.