The Pūtahi Manawa Outreach and Education (OnE) team is dedicated to the education and empowerment of rangatahi/tupulaga talavou, | young people, whānau/aiga | families and communities.

Outreach and Education (OnE)

In addition to this teaching/learning mission, the OnE team also work with Pūtahi Manawa researchers to develop meaningful relationships with our end-users, stakeholders and beneficiaries to feel empowered throughout the research process.

The OnE team:

  • Leads educational initiatives with primary to high school aged rangatahi/tupulaga talavou, on the importance of hearth health.
  • Inspires rangatahi/tupulaga talavou into careers in science and heart health related fields.
  • Raises awareness about heart health and heart health research in Māori and Pacific communities and with women.
  • Develops opportunities for connection through community-driven projects to foster meaningful collaboration between researchers and communities.
  • Develops programmes to upskill researchers around equity, decolonisation and community engagement.
Our kaupapa/galuega taua is driven by our guiding OnE team principles:

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Working With Rangatahi
Working With Rangatahi
| Young People

The OnE team collaborates with national partners across the motu | country to deliver heart health education programmes to rangatahi.

Working in the Community
Working in the Community

In collaboration with Pūtahi Manawa researchers, the OnE team empowers Māori and Pacific communities to recognise the significance of heart health and the research we do to improve heart health outcomes.

Outreach Highlights
Outreach Highlights